Stop Snoring Mouthpiece: The Top Five

While there are tons of snoring remedies on the market, the first line of treatment recommended for the treatment of snoring are oral appliances. Before you consider one, find out which stop snoring mouthpieces made it to our top five according to quality, comfort, user ratings, and price.

Rank No. 5 Snore Guard

Like other mandibular advancement devices, Snore Guard is a stop snoring mouthpiece that repositions your jaw slightly forward while you sleep so your airway is kept open and the soft tissue at the back of your throat does not vibrate and cause snoring. The device features a patented Air-Flow Technology that makes breathing more comfortable throughout your sleep.

Snore Guard has been used in the United States through clinical settings since 1989. While it has established a good reputation, the fact that it requires prescription is to some extent considered a disadvantage since there are other effective anti snoring mouthpieces which are available now over the counter. No prescription is required for purchase and delivery in Canada, though. The unit also has to be replaced every three to six months whereas some competing mouthpieces last longer.

Rank No. 4 Vital Sleep

Like the previous mouthpiece, Vital Sleep is a mandibular advancement device. It is adjustable, customizable boil-and-bite device that repositions your jaw to improve airflow into your lungs while you sleep. For both comfort and efficiency, Vital Sleep is engineered with an adjustable sliding mechanism that allows you to micro-adjust the device using a mini hex key. It is available in two sizes – small and regular – so you can get the proper fit.

Vital Sleep is made of BPA-free and latex-free materials that are flexible and comfortable so the unit feels natural in your mouth. Like most jaw retainers, though, it is not designed for individuals with dentures. You will need your full set of teeth for the device to work efficiently.

Vital Sleep lasts for at least a year depending on the frequency of use. You are entitled to free replacements though for up to one year from date of purchase.

Rank No. 3 Zquiet

While most jaw retaining anti snore mouthpieces require the boil-and-bite fitting preparation, Zquiet does not involve any setup so you can immediately use it out of the package. This FDA-cleared treatment for snoring features a Living Hinge Technology that allows comfortable jaw mobility. Unlike many jaw retaining devices which make it difficult for the mouth to move, you can talk or even take a drink without having to remove this mouthpiece.

Zquiet is available in one size that fits nearly everyone and while it is does not need fitting preparation, it does not allow you micro-adjustments to get the perfect fit. You can, however, trim the edges if you need to improve the fit.

Rank No. 2 GMSS

The only tongue retainer that made it to the top five is Good Morning Snore Solution. It is a small device that uses tongue displacement technology to gently and comfortably remedy your snoring problem. It gently pulls your tongue forward to clear blocked airways. This stop snoring mouthpiece developed by top sleep researchers is FDA approved and registered with Health Canada, ARTG, and the European Commission.

Good Morning Snore Solution is clinically proven and easy to use and maintain. Unlike most jaw retainers, this device can be used by patients who have dentures. However, it should not be worn if you have trouble breathing through your nose. So if you have a chronic nasal congestion or sinusitis, this is not the best option for you. The unit lasts approximately one year but may be less or more depending on your personal care of the device.

Rank No. 1 SnoreRx

Securing the top spot is an advanced patent pending medical grade mouthpiece designed to deliver maximum comfort and effectiveness. This jaw retainer unlike other mandibular repositioning devices, allows you to custom micro calibrate the setting any time so you can get the most comfortable fit. It is equipped with multiple features that not only guarantee comfort and effectiveness but also safety and longevity.

It is by far the only mouthpiece that meets and exceeds the new standards of Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. SnoreRx also happens to have the core features consumers should look for when buying an oral device – adjustability, custom impression, and meets established medical standards. Although it undergoes normal wear and tear, it can last up to 15 months depending on your personal use and care of the device.

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Side-by-Side Comparison

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SnoreRx clearly outperforms competitors based on given criteria. Good Morning Snore Solution, the only tongue retainer on the list comes in close second.

While all these stop snoring mouthpieces are deemed effective and safe, they are not intended to treat obstructive sleep apnea. If you are uncertain about your snoring problem, it is best to consult your doctor prior to trying any oral device.