Teeter Hang Ups: Does It Really Work?

It promises to relieve back pain, improve joint health, build and tone muscle, and increase flexibility, but does the Teeter Hang Ups really deliver? We have the answer here plus everything else you need to know about this product including real user reviews.

What Is Teeter Hang Ups?

Created to target the source of your back or joint discomfort, the Teeter Hang Ups is an inversion table that you can use a few minutes every day, right at the comfort of your own home so you can have a relaxing and refreshing way to help restore your youthful function. It allows you to safely dangle upside down – a form of spinal decompression advertised as a relief for back and joint pain.

How Does It Work?

Daily routine – gravity, impact activities, basic movements, even sitting for long periods of time can cause compression and misalignment of the spine, decreasing flexibility and adding painful pressure on the nerves. What Teeter Hang Ups does is naturally target the source of the ache and relax tense muscles. The table allows you to achieve the perfect stretch providing decompression that can help restore nutrients to the disc of the spine, reducing nerve pressure and realigning the spine as well.

Teeter Hang Ups is equipped with a precision-balanced system allowing you total control over the speed and rotation with simple arm movement. You start getting the benefits at a gentle 20 degrees, and total decompression at 60 degrees. At a full 90 degrees, you can do rotational stretching and exercises that target your abs and improve flexibility.


  • Results in minutes. You simply set it, lock it, and go. Use it for at least three to five minutes a day and it allows you to achieve a relaxing stretch that decompresses your back and joints.
  • Safety. The unit is designed with dependable functionality in mind. It is equipped with features ensuring user’s safety and comfort. By far, it is the only inversion table listed to UL 1647, a standard evaluating inversion tables based on ‘real world’ use.
  • Rated number one in comparison study. Based on study conducted by Dynamark Engineering, Teeter Hang Ups outperformed every brand across all categories of evaluation from functional endurance, safety requirements to ease of assembly.
  • Reputation. Over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing, Teeter is a trusted name and a leader in the inversion table industry.
  • Warranty. Protected by industry leading five-year full warranty.


  • Contraindications. While it is beneficial for health and is as safe as most daily activities, it is not suitable for everybody. It is not recommended for individuals who have high blood pressure, heart disease, eye conditions like glaucoma, or if you had fusion surgery, or are pregnant. It is best to consult your doctor prior to trying inversion if you have any medical condition.
  • Cost. It is relatively expensive although many users find it is worth it considering the benefits it delivers and the convenience it provides.

Real User Reviews

Now let’s find out what actual users are saying about the equipment if their experiences could substantiate manufacturer claims. The following are excerpts taken from other Teeter Hang Ups reviews.

Is it worth it?

Does It Really Work?

Having established its name as a trusted leader in the inversion industry for more than 30 years, surpassing quality, safety, and endurance standards, and garnering tons of favorable reviews from actual users, there is no doubt that the Teeter Hang Ups work. Many agree that it does provide relief from back pain and that a few minutes every day will improve flexibility and mobility. The common downside is its price which according to most users who received the benefits of using the equipment is worth it anyway.

The Best Place To Buy

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Your order includes the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 and the Teeter Bonus pack which features acupressure nodes, lumbar bridge, healthy back and core DVD, and priority processing with a total value of $150 which you will get for free. Nowhere else can you get this special offer plus the 5-year full warranty.

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