Does Zquiet Really Work? The Truth Is Here


Zquiet is one of the most popular anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market today but what makes it different from its competition? The answer to that is revealed here along with its advantages and disadvantages. You also get to read some real user experiences here to help you decide whether or not this product is worth a shot.

What Is Zquiet?

Zquiet is an FDA-cleared stop snoring device fashioned to reposition the jaw a bit forward during sleep thereby opening the airway in the throat and preventing vibration of the surrounding soft tissue which causes the snoring sound. It supposedly delivers results the very first night you use it.

How Is It Different?

While the device works similarly as all other mandibular advancement devices – oral appliances that repositions the jaw – Zquiet does not require any setup. Other jaw retainers will require boiling and molding before you can use them but Zquiet can immediately be used right out of the package saving you time and the process of fitting the device. It is available in one size that is supposed to fit virtually everyone.

How Does It Work?

How it works is no different than any other jaw retaining devices, once placed in your mouth it repositions your jaw in way that keeps the air passage from obstruction, so breathing is smooth and snoring is prevented. However, Zquiet employs a technology that makes the device more comfortable to wear. It is no secret that oral appliances often cause discomfort and are not to get used to.

With Zquiet’s Living Hinge technology, the natural opening and closing of your mouth while sleeping is not only made possible but also more comfortable. This revolutionary features which provides comfortable jaw mobility even allows you to speak and take a drink without having to remove the oral appliance. Whereas most mouthpieces force your jaw into a clenched position, this device allows you the freedom to move your mouth with no trouble at all.


  • Safe. Zquiet is FDA cleared which means it has undergone strict consumer safety testing. It is made from thermoplastic elastomer designed for FDA compliance and does not contain latex or BPA.
  • Easy to use. No setup is necessary with Zquiet as it is designed to fit nearly everyone. It is ready to be used right out of the box and you simply place it in your mouth.
  • Guarantee. Not all mouthpieces offer a guarantee that Zquiet provides. You can try the device for 30 days and will not be charged if within the trial period you realize it is not the solution you are looking for.


  • Size. Although it is easy to use and comes in a size that is supposed to fit nearly everyone, it does not provide custom fitting which is important to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency. If you need to improve the fit, you can, however, try to trim the edges.
  • Side effects. As with most mandibular advancement devices, you may experience discomfort using Zquiet for the first few nights. Excessive salivation and jaw stiffness are the usual effects but are expected to diminish once you have gotten used to wearing the mouthpiece.

Real User Reviews

The following are a few excerpts taken from other Zquiet reviews. These comments essentially describe the majority’s opinion on the device.

Does It Really Work?

While experiences vary among users, it is evident based on most reviews that Zquiet actually delivers. Many snorers are impressed by the fact that there is no setup necessary for using the mouthpiece but that it takes practice until you get used to wearing it more comfortably. Given enough time, users are saying that you will finally enjoy a quiet night’s rest. The trial period and the 30-day money back guarantee are also factors that users favor this product.

The Best Place To Buy

To start experiencing quiet nights with Zquiet, the smartest move you can do is to get this anti-snoring device directly from its official website where you can take advantage of the 30-day trial offer. You only settle the shipping and processing fees and with your order come a travel case, instructions, and a couple of free gifts in the form of booklets with $20 value. If you find the mouthpiece unsatisfactory, you simply contact customer service prior to the end of your trial period.

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